Unified Animal Prescriptions

VetRx revolutionises the efficiency and safety of the veterinary pharmaceutical supply chain.

For Vets

Prescribe electronically using the most comprehensive Australian medicine database, with over 40,000 products available (APVMA + TGA + compounded formulary).

For Pharmacists

Real-time access to prescriptions, no more decrypting messy handwriting, and assurance that the prescription is legitimate.

For Pets

Keep track of all your prescriptions online. No more lost or damaged paper and no surprises when scripts expire.

For Livestock

Ensure compliance with traceability requirements whenever a veterinary medicine is used in the herd.

Our Product

VetRx connects veterinarians, pharmacists and animal owners throughout the medication prescribing and dispensing process to improve the quality of care for our animals.

Feature List

VetRx will completely manage the way veterinary hospitals and pharmacies prescribe, dispense, communicate, track, and process scripts and refill requests.

Stakeholder Consultation

Australian veterinarians have been unable to access the many benefits of electronic prescribing software that their human medical counterparts have come to depend on. 

Right now we want to learn more about your current prescribing processes and how these can be improved. Please spare five minutes of your time and help us by completing the survey below.

Funding Partners

VetRx has received a Business Development Grant from NSW Treasury. VetRx would like to thank the New South Wales Government for supporting this project.

Interested in VetRx?

We are seeking expressions of interest from veterinarians who are interested in testing our prototype.