Veterinary EMR + ePrescriptions

VetRx revolutionises how we access animal health records and improves the safety and efficiency of the veterinary pharmaceutical supply chain.

For Vets

Prescribe electronically using the most comprehensive Australian medicine database, with over 40,000 products available (APVMA + TGA + compounded formulary).

For Pharmacists

Real-time access to prescriptions, no more decrypting messy handwriting, and assurance that the prescription is legitimate.

For Pets

View your pet’s medical record. Keep track of all your prescriptions online. No more lost or damaged paper and no surprises when scripts expire.

For Livestock

Ensure compliance with traceability requirements whenever a veterinary medicine is used in the herd.

VetRx Innovation

VetRx connects veterinarians, pharmacists and animal owners in all aspects of veterinary care. From the initial consultation, diagnosing and prescribing, to medication dispensing and planning repeat visits… everything is covered.

VetRx is the evolution in veterinary medical data and collaboration that pet owners want, and animal health professionals need.

VetRx Features

VetRx is a cloud-based veterinary medical record that can be accessed by approved parties anytime, anywhere.

VetRx can completely manage the way veterinary hospitals and pharmacies prescribe, dispense, communicate, track, and process scripts and refill requests.

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Ready, Set, Go!

Until now, Australian veterinarians have been unable to access the many benefits of electronic prescribing software that their human medical counterparts have come to depend on. 

The future is here! VetRx is a game changer for how vets, pharmacists and Australian pet parents manage prescriptions and share a veterinary medical record.

Pharmacy Partners

These animal pharmacies recognise the value of electronic prescribing and dispensing. Customers of these pharmacies will be able to view their pet’s prescriptions and dispensing history in VetRx. This ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the quantity remaining on the prescription and it streamlines the reordering process.

Funding Partners

VetRx has received a Business Development Grant from NSW Treasury. VetRx would like to thank the New South Wales Government for supporting this project.

AMS Partners

VetRx is partnering with the University of Melbourne to implement the antimicrobial stewardship components of the application.

Animal Owners, Vets and Pharmacists all have a role to play in the battle against antimicrobial resistance.

Interested in VetRx?

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