For Pharmacists

The Benefits of VetRx

VetRx provides essential support for pharmacies that dispense veterinary medicines. Whether you dispense the occasional animal medicine or are a dedicated animal pharmacy, VetRx will cater for your needs.

Dispensing software is an integral component of pharmacy dispensing processes – VetRx is the only software on the market that facilitates dispensing of APVMA and TGA medicines for animal patients.

VetRx provides the following core features:

  • Electronic prescription exchange with the prescribing veterinarian.
  • Direct label printing with zero transcription errors.
  • Fewer prescription errors improve operational efficiency.
  • No unnecessary features relating to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).
  • A patient database that distinguishes between the client (human) and the patient (animal).
  • Simple reconciliation (batch processing) of paper prescriptions intended for distance dispensing.
  • Animal specific medication databases and counseling points.
  • Secure messaging platform with the prescribing veterinarian.

All of this adds up to happier customers with fewer script issues!

One of the problems with the existing eCommerce systems is that there is no way of integrating the pharmacy software with the sales platform (e.g. Magento or BigCommerce). If you choose VetRx, we are able to integrate your prescription data with your website so that customers can track their prescriptions without leaving your site. Leverage this capability to generate personalised script refill and expiration reminders.

Please contact us if you would like a demonstration of the many benefits that VetRx can offer your pharmacy.

How Does VetRx Work?