For Pet Owners

The Benefits Of Using VetRx

We know that pet owners want to use pharmacies to source their animal’s medicines, however we also know the difficulty that comes with getting the prescription from the vet and to the pharmacist.

A pharmacist has a legal requirement to receive an original prescription before dispensing, and when this does not occur, more work is created for all parties in trying to rectify the situation. It was this demand for better prescription management that led to the development of VetRx.

VetRx is 100% free for pet owners to use, and it solves many of the issues relating to veterinary prescriptions including:

  • Prescriptions are managed in one place with zero risk of getting lost.
  • You can choose the pharmacy that fills your pet’s prescriptions.
  • You are in control of the vets and pharmacies that can view your pet’s prescriptions.
  • Prescription history and tracking so that the repeats remaining are easily apparent.
  • Reminders are emailed to you before the script reaches it’s expiry date.
  • Simple prescription exchange with the pharmacy.
  • Easier reporting for pet insurance claims.

In addition to recording prescription information, VetRx facilitates sharing other health information about you pets. Do you struggle to find your pet’s vaccination card when needed? VetRx allows your vet to record the vaccination history of your pets so that you can access this information at anytime from anywhere. This is particularly handy when providing proof of immunisation to doggy daycare and boarding facilities.

If your vet or pharmacy is not yet using VetRx, please point them in our direction!

How Does VetRx Work?